The simplest, most intuitive and powerful tool to manage data intelligence.

With Friday Intel, uncover concealed cyber threats, assess potential risks, and detect critical clues.

Experience the intelligence

With Friday Intel uncover dark, concealed cyberthreats.

Data Collection

Friday Intel collects data in real time across the surface and dark web, & IPs.

Case profiling

We identify and locating cybercriminals by examining digital evidence.

Connectable data

You may connect information that can be connected to any individual or entity.

Keyword monitoring

We track and analyze keywords and patterns that may indicate malicious activity.

OSINT Techniques embedded

we integrates data, tools and techniques to analyze info about an adversary.

Everything you need for world-class intelligence.

Threat Intelligence and Profiling

You may track and profile observables, as well as keep an eye on threats dispersed over the Dark and Deep Web, using the threat intelligence platform for online environments.

User Credential Lookout

Through breach incidents or database leaks, Credential Lookout assists in detecting and locating accounts that have been exposed on the Dark and Deep Web.

Ransomware Monitoring

The latest ransomware gang/victim information recently posted on the Deep Web and the Dark Web is notified by ransomware monitoring tool.

Proactive response towards threats.

Watch for occurrences of sensitive information breach and infringement.
Implement security measures and address veiled threats.


Accumulated Data

Friday Intel have accumulated billions of data across the Internet, Accessible to you in few clicks.


Faster Response

Lightning fast results with unbeatable user experience and 24×7 Support will define the modern Intelligence.

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